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Car Maintenance Tips

Everyone who buys a car, new or used, would definitely want to maintain it on regular basis so that he could enjoy driving and is not faced with any problem. However, very few people actually manage to maintain their cars. Car maintenance is not an easy task; it varies from car to car. In this article, we will cover some of the very fundamental points that are essential in maintaining your car. We will now mention some of the basic car maintenance tips that will help to keep your up to date.

1. Maintain the body of your car

If anything that makes your car look new than it is its body. The body represents the outer look of your car and if you keep it shiny and protect it from corrosion, it will always give a new look. Here is how you can take good care of your car’s body.

• Wash your car regularly and wax it to remove any bugs and dirt that can mount up and easily wear away the paint your car. Waxing your car also keeps it shiny and glossy.

• In coastal areas like Karachi the atmosphere is very humid and salty; this can harm your car’s body. Proper undercoating and rust proofing can protect your car from such harms.

• Remove any deep scratches, stone chips or paint marks left by other objects before the rust starts to mount on to the body of your car.

2. Maintain the interior of your car

The maintenance of the interior your car is as important as its exterior. A nice and clean interior gives your car a great look and also affects your health. It really is a wonderful experience to drive such a car. You can maintain the interior of your car by:

• Vacuuming it regularly.

• Cleaning its seats, doors and carpets.

• Cleaning and polishing the dash board of your car regularly.

3. Maintain the engine of your car

What could be more important than the engine of your car? We know for sure that good engine keeps a car strong and durable. Here is how you can maintain the engine of your car properly:

• Change the engine oil of your car regularly.

• Use synthetic oil instead of usual mineral oils.

• Check the coolant level at proper time.

4. Maintaining the transmission of your car

The most complicated and expensive part of the car is its automatic transmission system. It is also one of the less reliable parts of any car and if defected, it can cause serious safety issues to the car. You can maintain the transmission system of your car by:

• Preventing it from overheating.

• Fixing the leakage of transmission fluid.

• Proper and suitable use of overdrive.

• Servicing the transmission from car make dealers.

• Using original pars only.


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